sharing foundation

Sharing Foundation is a private non-profit organization foundation established in 2013

The Foundation’s mission is to promote and enhance multiculturalism around the world, as well as stimulate interest in and knowledge of different cultures in a national and international environment.

By bringing together humanistic and altruistic values, such as the pursuit of cultural, educational, training, artistic, scientific, social and philanthropic activities, as well as related initiatives aimed at fostering excellence in knowledge and enhancing multiculturalism and interculturality,

Sharing Foundation formulates its objective as being a promoter of Multiculturalism and Interculturality as part of the educational curriculum, by encouraging and supporting initiatives aimed at emphasising the teaching of foreign languages, cultures and international dialogue.

These values are essential in training for the future and for equipping students to live in an increasingly global world, where not only are the demands in both academic and professional life exacting but also where respect for differences is affirmed as a critical factor in human coexistence.

The Foundation serves as both the vehicle and the engine that drives towards a future of excellence in the promotion and development of multilingual education in schools. One aim which falls within the scope of this is the organisation of meetings, seminars, and conferences to support and provide pedagogical, educational, or financial services to all entities interested in adopting a rich cultural and social project, provided that this is consistent with the objective and principles of the Foundation.