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Experience an Innovative Way of Learning with Accredited IB Programmes

Our educational approach has been designed to suit every student’s individual needs, allowing them to explore learning, using their creativity and imagination in a caring and multicultural environment

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The best educational experience for your child(ren)

We provide the best international educational experience for our students

We believe in Learning Through Sharing, growing together, creating together, and succeeding together, making a difference in our students’ academic journey

Foundation Programme

From 4 months — 2 years old

Our programme is child-centred and fosters all children’s social, emotional, physical needs, focusing on their cognitive development

Madeira Campus Oeiras Campus

Primary Years Programme

From 3 — 12 years old

This programme focuses on developing soft skills of the child in our different learning spaces, but also in the world outside

Madeira Campus Oeiras Campus

Middle Years Programme

From 12 — 16 years old

MYP provides a learning framework that encourages students to become critical and reflective thinkers, preparing them to the academic challenge ahead

Madeira Campus Oeiras Campus


From 16 — 18 years old

On the final stage of K12 learning, the Diploma Programme prepares students to follow their academic journey to higher education with a Certificate which is regonized and valued worldwide

Oeiras Campus

our mission statement

Our school aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and open-minded lifelong learners who aspire to build a better tomorrow, through a supportive, respectful, and caring environment promoting learning through sharing.

what we believe for our students

At Sharing School we believe in Learning Through Sharing to build a better future

We inspire and respect each of our students for their individuality, understanding how they feel more confident and comfortable in their learning process, sharing and feeding our core values.

Sharing is:

Caring about one-self, caring about others and caring about the environment. The development of Care can be achieved through hands-on activities such as the care-taking of other living beings or by cultivating ecosystems, planting and harvesting food responsibly and developing a sustainable mindset. Most of all, caring seeing and being seen – where everyone helps, trusts, and looks after each other, giving the necessary confidence and empowering students.

Our multilingual and multicultural students and the focus of cultural interaction and global citizenship is at the heart of ISS. Sharing is also about being inclusive, accepting and enriching ourselves with our differences, sharing what makes us special and building a new common identity. This crucial value can be seen throughout all the learning environments at ISS.

Showing generosity and companionship to your fellow students and the surrounding community is an important ability to learn as young. The focus on hospitality also helps to emphasize the sense of belonging through empowerment and shared resources, also developing a familiar feeling within the school.

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CEO Miguel Santos
message from ceo
At International Sharing School, we believe in Learning Through Sharing to build a better future. We provide the best educational experience for our students, acknowledging that every child is different and unique.”
Miguel Ladeira Santos

CEO and President of the Board of Sharing School

our campuses

Our flexible learning spaces have been designed to suit each student’s individual needs

More than having a student-based curriculum, we have a student-based school, organically designed for our students. We provide an innovative educational experience for students to explore learning and to fuel their creativity and imagination

Taguspark, Oeiras Valley

Funchal, Madeira Island


What our Community Says

With our core values — Care, Multiculturalism and Hospitality — we create a community consists of awesome parents, motivated teachers and energetic students.

“When I arrived in the school, I couldn’t speak English, but the school community welcomed me very well and helped me quickly overcome this.”

Mariah R.

“The school is perfect for us and for our lifestyle and work. We find in this school the ability and flexibility to adapt to our lifestyles.”

Catarina B.

“With this innovative learning environment, I recognize that my students are more able to be themselves, relaxed and open-minded learners.”

Sarah B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you send your message, we can help with some answers to the most frequently asked questions. We hope these help you decide to join our school community.

I’m not fluent in English. How can I communicate with the school?2022-10-24T11:13:12+01:00

As a multicultural community with 60 different nationalities, we are prepared to communicate with parents in English, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, German, French and Spanish. The school-parent communication via emails, online platforms, parent-teacher meetings, and events is in English, but we are available to support non-English-fluent parents in a language they feel more comfortable whenever possible.

My child doesn’t speak English. Can he/she apply?2022-10-24T11:15:10+01:00

Yes, depending on the grade level your child is joining. Although we recommend students have a good level of English, English fluency is not a mandatory prerequisite for admission in Primary School. To join Middle School, students should already have a background in English, even though they may not be fluent. Sharing School developed an English Boosting Programme to help students to improving their knowledge of English. In Order to join Grade 10 and above, students need to be fully proficient in English.

My child has learning difficulties. Can he/she apply?2022-10-24T11:17:05+01:00

Our school is not a Special Needs School, but it is an Inclusive School. We have a Wellbeing Department which consist of Psychologists, Special Education Needs specialists and Pastoral Care. This department focuses on developing the social, emotional, and cognitive needs students may have. We have permanent full-time psychologists on-site to help students and families if needed. We prepare specific programs to cater for children with special education needs.

Can students enrol during the school year?2022-10-24T11:17:40+01:00

Yes, we have year-round enrolments up to Grade 10. Due to the academic requirements of the final year of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP), we cannot accept students for Grade 10 and DP after the start of the school year.

Do you offer afterschool activities?2022-10-24T11:19:11+01:00

Yes! We offer our community a great variety of After school Activities such as Padel, Horseback Riding, Skateboarding, Tennis, Surf, Golf, Dance, Game Development & Design, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing. You can find all details about our activities in our Afterschool Activities Page. ℹ️ These activities are not included in the tuition fee.

Do you provide school transportation service?2024-07-16T08:52:33+01:00

The school provides 🚌 home-school-home transportation from Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais and Sintra. Transportation is not included in the tuition fees and is subject to availability.

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